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14.06.2018 - 5 days ago
Day 4 #ShortcutToShred — loving it!!! —————————— For anyone that wonders why I go to the gym at 4am, here’s one reason: for the first 30 minutes of my workout, I was the only one there! It was 45 minutes on before there was more than 2 of us. If I wasn’t following this plan, it would’ve been a #fullgymsuperset for sure!!! —————————— For this and many many more, All Access provides 50+ workouts to help you achieve any and all goals! * Wanna lose weight? There’s a plan for that! * Wanna put on some muscle? There’s a plan for that! * Wanna workout at home because the screaming idiots at the gym intimidate you? There’s a plan for that! Don’t forget the awesome benefits just for signing up! • first 7 days are free, then it’s only $8.99 per month! Thats like 2 Starbucks coffee drinks! • 5% discount automatically applied to purchases, plus it stacks with other discounts! • Most come with full details on workouts, training, supplementation, and nutrition! DM me any questions you might have about these great programs! ——————————- #roadtoolympia #roadtoolympia2018 #allaccess #accessyourpotential #bbcomambassador #bbcom #bodybuildingcom #buildyourbody #bestself #transformforlife #sponsored #fitlife #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #workout #workhardworkoutharder #patellartendonrepair #alwayssmilingfit #alwayssmilingfitness #wordsofwisdom #mytimeisnow #burnitdown #teamflexxtraordinary @bodybuildingcom @bb.comambassador @transformforlife @evogennutrition
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Love having an empty gym to myself!
Yeahhh man, day 4, crushing it
I'm itching to do this program!
@prime.deason this is becoming my favorite program I’ve done!
Awesome, good for you knocking things out so early! 4 days down👏 I'll be a few hours behind ya 😉....sore in all the right places today!
@hopplindy that’s just one reason I go early. Main reason is home life...work until 3-3:30, pick up the kids at 4, yada yada yada...you know how the rest goes 😉
💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 guns out...
Love the epic effects
@lisette_c_alvarez snapseed is the app I use 😉
@kelciv808 had to take advantage of having a mirror to myself 😂