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im on day 2 ..... again!
@shauna.ryan.farrell Pain in the arse Shauna isnt it. Doing it this time if it kills me!
Good luck
you can do it dar 👊👊
@joanne_troy Game Face Lauren :-)
Would u not try get yourself a Fitbit n just healthy eat n count calories n still have your treats. The Fitbit tracks everything n if u join a class it’ll really motivate u..
yeah i'm defo going to pick one up @carolinek32 - gonna stick with the SW for now as i know it works....just need to stick to it and stay motivated ye know :-)
Fair play to u.. it’s so hard to stay motivated! I tried slimming world 3 times n I got bored after 2 weeks every time. I realised then that it wasn’t for me. I joined Pilates n got back into running n I’m feeling so much better n starting to see the diff. Protein shakes after a workout can stave off hunger. It’s great. Luke wants me to do hell n back with him next year so that’s my goal. To train for that. Forget the weight n just get moving n enjoy what you’re doin.. it’ll come naturally then. Don’t be hard on yourself xx
@carolinek32 Cheers Cuz :-) Good advise there!!! Ah brill you should defo do the Hell and Back....i signed up before and never went through with it ha ha....I'd say its a good laugh though!!
@darb_sw_tracker done it twice already Darren. Second time put me out of action cos I twisted my ankle m then the laziness kicked in.. 2 years later n 2 stone heavier I’m finally getting back into it. Not easy but worth it. You need patience with this shit. If u are exercising tho ignore the scales. I’m building muscle now n losing fat. My clothes are looser but my weight stayed the same. Follow some trainers on insta n start gettin ideas for yourself of something u might like or just pick up some healthy tips on your journey. Everyone’s diff. But best of luck with it 👍👍 ps: you will love love LOVE your Fitbit !!!!