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13.06.2018 - 1 weeks ago
Decaffeinated coffee has been the only coffee I will drink for over 4 months now... Yup, no more caffeine! 😱 - I chose to switch because in the past, when I had stopped drinking caffeine, I felt amazing! πŸ‘πŸ» And you probably guessed it... I feel amazing this time around too! πŸ˜‚ - Would you ever consider quitting caffeine? πŸ€” - #caffeine #decaffeinated #coffeeaddict #caffeineaddict #changebehavior #goingdecaf #coffee #myvice
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@mandybligh wow that seems unreal and amazing at the same time
@mslindseythomas oh that is a great point :)
@yung_cakes and your baby is so cute :)
@civilizedcaveman about a year... I have it up when I was pregnant. I drink it at work and sometimes on the weekends if I have time. With my second I missed the taste so much I ended up drinking decaf the whole time. With my last kid the taste made me nauseous so I rarely had it.
@civilizedcaveman discovered that it was causing my asthma symptoms to worsen so quit cold turkey. Asthma symptoms were under control within a week of quitting. Luckily I have found some amazing decaf options from local roasters in my area. β˜•οΈ
This is great!!! πŸŒΈπŸŽ€πŸŒΈ
@civilizedcaveman drinking tea instead, protein packed breakfasts, gym before work (ha didnt last long), cold turkey, and thats about it lol.
Yes!! As a huge coffee drinker I quit cold turkey a few years ago and then little by little crept back to one cup a day. Don’t know why, because I feel SO much better without it!!! And more energetic which seems ironic, haha! It really is amazing. Thanks for posting, looks like a good time to stop even the one cup a day β˜•οΈ
I quit caffeine about 7 years ago and feel amazing! I just knew it would make me so anxious and then I’d crash afterwards. I had a panic attack in 2011 and stopped a few months after that. I changed a few other things in my life to help my anxiety but caffeine was the first to go!
I dont know about quitting for good, but I haven't had one since May 31st 2018. I work in camp and decided I wont drink it while I'm here but that's one of the things that my partner and I look forward to as a couple...not to mention I love coffee...I just dont want it to have a hold on me that's all.