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12.06.2018 - 1 weeks ago
“I’ve known I wanted to be an actor ever since we performed Horton Hears A Who in 5th grade drama camp. I studied theater in college. But right now I’m in between roles. It’s been a minute. My acting teacher told us to just focus on the callbacks. But getting callbacks is not getting a part. The last role I had was a space pirate in a Star Warsy kind of play. It was at an art gallery in Long Island City. I was fighting an evil race of aliens on a zombified planet, but I’d actually been hit by a train and was in a simulation to keep my brain active. It was every Halloween costume that I ever wanted to be, but I only made enough money to buy myself dinner. Do I choose more stability and less joy? Maybe I could find a job that has one element I enjoy, like Human Resources at Wells Fargo. Overall it would suck but at least I’d get to help people. Sure I’d spend six hours being upset, but at least I could help Jane with her issue.”
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I know that struggle, and it is real!
@niki_simney Ily
@puppyburrito see the first comment from @sharilburkholder 🤣
There's always community theater. It doesn't have to be one or the other. Get a job that pays the bills and enjoy pursuing your passion in your FREE time.👍
@justine0207 🙈
Don’t help Jane with her issue. Have fun and love your life the way you want. It’s gonna happen.
@ashleyswitzer96 yes omg
@paxpacini I completely agree. Companies openly discriminate and unlawfully terminate me when my disability becomes an inconvenience. HR is aware that companies do not follow disability law. I understand why people defend HR, but for people with disabilities, we see a lot pf the reality that others do not.
@wildcatlaura 😂