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12.06.2018 - 1 weeks ago
“He’s had problems with speech since he was two years old. Even as a baby he would get frustrated when he couldn’t express himself. He’d scream. He’d clench his fists. He still occasionally has trouble knowing what he wants. Sometimes I can calm him down with words. Other times it just makes things worse, and I’m better off doing nothing at all. It’s a challenge every day. It’s especially tough in public because it seems like you have no control. You can feel people looking at you. And you feel judged, judged, judged. But every child is so different. Nobody understands your situation. And they don’t know your story.”
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@dopeelevation yup
First sentence and I knew he had autism. ❤❤❤
@angelacardinale79 ❤️
@cutemommy2 "those who judge aren't your tribe anyway."
sorry, meant to add that was the best statement I've ever read. so amazing. ❤️
@miamarie123 you're not listening to me are you? Lets finish this convo then. I'm sure you love the kids you support. Be well and happy.