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12.06.2018 - 1 weeks ago
#RichSex is #1 on Rap & #2 on All Genres in the US! Kisses & hugs!!! Dropping my official single on THURSDAY!!!!!! 🙏🏽♥️🙏🏽♥️🦄💕🙈
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@jayonceee damnnnn 😝
Nigeria 🇳🇬 all the way
@nickiminaj yea babe. ooooooooooooh favorite though oh my god. it hurt to hear u rappin it, cause 1 I know that's in u, I know how loving u are. its documented. 2, it hurt cause I need that from u right now. I never had a woman understand me, I never had a woman add to me...
@nickiminaj oooooooooh it hurt to hear but... oh all that good shit u rap. I would say now. I wish u were my teacher. I am so in love with u, u my life, & I just dream of being closer, of fitting in somehow. so If hypothetically If I could pick a couple I for now I would say would u be my teacher and my friend-& I hope u a fan of my music lol. but yea um. I would ask u. teach me, what to do, to be closer to u.
@nickiminaj now don't get me wrong im madly in love dream of being your lover but. I pay attention. u said u enjoying your freedom. so that mean if u took on anything it would be friendship. and then I know people & things can agitate u sometimes I would ask u to tell me ur likes and dislikes. & I would live by that shit.
@nickiminaj its like im so in love like... I want to mean more to u. uknowimsayin. I don't want to be the guy with no line to u, in your comments, I wanna be the nigga u call when u want to talk to somebody. now u know u da love of my life & u can have me in anyway u want but id love just as much to be your friend. its like I wanna mean more to u, because u mean EVERYTHING to me.
@nickiminaj like, I don't have it like that to cashout & order the good package right away. but u know I can get it up. um I saw the packages, I would love to get the m&g . so. but. it's conflicting cause u know I wanted to come. and that's just what I mean I just want to mean more to u. but if paying for a ticket meant I could get my dream of being face to face with u finally. id pay. but I wish I could come. If I couldn't I wish I could spend as much time with u when u in Detroit. I wish u would hmu while u gone, cause im gone miss u. I just wanna mean more to u babe. and from that verse u said u can be a teacher. I would ask , I u deemed me worthy, teach me how to mean more to u. I love u babe.