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12.06.2018 - 1 weeks ago
“I tell my students things that only the Master of The Universe could know. I tell them that if they choose a certain path, they can be sure of success. At times I’ve convinced them that certain assignments will make or break their future. For a middle school to work, you have to impart a sense of urgency. You have to make them believe these things. Time may not be as important as we say it is, but it’s more important than they think it is. I teach in one of the most underprivileged neighborhoods in the city. And it’s almost too late to change their course when I get them. By seventh grade, the engine is almost finished, and you’re just adding the windows and tires.”
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His out look is dangerous to children,however well meaning he think he is.
@upperreality yup. Something about the way he said what he said didn't sit right with me.
@alicecheib :(
@cathysyard as a teacher, I understand what he is saying. You may not because that is not your experience.
These words are so simple yet they do say just the truth.
@cathysyard he's speaking from his perspective. He clearly still is in it based on the efforts he described
@cathysyard if you think he’s wrong, then you have never dealt with children from a place of understanding. All teachers know what he means. Your home environment and previous experience are practically impossible to counter if you only interact a few hours a day only to return to chaos. Check yourself it’s always easier said than done
So not true. And not scientific either. Plenty of great books you seem to have missed so read up. A person who cares about us, respects us and keeps the best version of ourselves in mind, the one who can let us express our darkest feelings without judgement but who can also prevent any dark action, that person, one person, is enough to help us grow. You can change someone's future in less than five minutes and not even know that. But not with school work. With your attitude and words.
@ashleylynking I grew up like that. And I taught kids like that. And I think if a person thinks it's too late they aren't fit to be teachers. And it's not scientific. I still remember teachers who thought it was too late for me, how they thought I was too dumb to notice and how that hurt me. And when I became a teacher I never allowed myself to think I know what these kids have ahead. So don't tell me I don't understand