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11.06.2018 - 1 weeks ago
“There was never any joy in it. I practiced every day since I was four years old. I was just afraid of what would happen if I stopped. My father was a ‘rageaholic.’ Even our piano playing came from a place of hate. He wanted to humiliate his colleagues and prove that his children were superior. He was a hematologist. He was respected in his field. His only friends were his colleagues. Occasionally he’d have them over to dinner. Or more accurately, they’d invite him first and he’d feel the need to reciprocate. Those dinners were an escape for my sister and me. He’d never act out his worst stuff in front of other people. I think the other doctors could sense something was wrong, but nobody ever pulled me aside. It felt like I was trapped in a castle with an evil king and queen and nobody was allowed inside. People did come in, of course. But they would never meddle. They were his guests and it’s not polite.”
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This strikes close to home. The wound heal but the scars remain
@cypresscat11 happy belated birthday. Thank you for sharing such an intimate piece of your life with us. The memories don't come from a good place but it is a part of the healing process to go back and try to understand them. I'm so proud of you for the progress your making and although you have a long way to go don't lose hope. May peace be with you on your journey 🦋
@cypresscat11 happy (belated) birthday! ❤️❤️❤️
@soprano4life we believe you. And I’m sorry for the pain inflicted on you.
Trauma bonding from a narcissist. You are amazing and you can heal. There is more available now on narc abuse. Look into it. Find a therapist who knows narc abuse so you can heal from your trauma bonding. It was not your are magic and wonderful!!! OX
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@nicbriati exactly. What happens is called trauma bonding from the abuse of intermittent I love you but I hate you-expressed. It cause the target neuro reacts of fight flight fawn or freeze and CONFUSION and base for their relationship and neuro pathways, rest of their [OUR] lives. It is long over due we talk about this to support each other and help each other rebuild our lives from the trauma bonding and narc abuse. You are right on this-great post! OX