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10.06.2018 - 1 weeks ago
“Fifth grade graduation is in two weeks. I’m going to miss my teachers, lunch, recess, and my counselor Meghan. She’s a kind-hearted person that doesn’t give up on you. The first time I met Meghan was in third grade when I got really mad at one of my teachers who was being mean because of something called tenure. I punched the wall so hard that I got scars on my knuckles. I was sent to Meghan’s office and I talked to her for like two hours. I told her about the whole first half of the year. She didn’t even fidget when she was listening. Now we meet once a week. We always work on being empathetic. Empathy was my big thing during fourth and fifth grade.”
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@gab_pelletier @devonchazan 💛want to be just like Meghan!
@casspirraglia @devonchazan you will be!!💕 so sweet
@emmailene22 I saw this on Facebook. Wow.
Yeah tenure is awful
@the.great.xx I just...I can't
Why I want to be a counselor 💕 @tomjehli