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08.06.2018 - 2 weeks ago
“When you’re a kid, Jesus sounds like a hippie or Bernie Sanders or something so it all sounds pretty nice. But then the rules get confusing. You go to Catholic school and some guy in a dress named Brother Roy starts beating you cause you got in a fight. It’s sorta like Gitmo in there. And you start to realize that all these rules are just to keep people down. To keep women down especially because they have the ultimate power of not fucking you. I do like the Jews because their version is less full of shit. A lot of those Talmud guys are so smart that they’re practically just atheists who love fairy tales. And Buddhism is pretty cool too cause it’s all in your head. No Pope. No mandatory meetings. Anyway, let me know if you figure it out. I don’t know shit I just dress well.”
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My idol.
I love him ‼️🔥👑🔥
Met this guy at the laundromat I go to today. Couldn’t tell where I knew him from the it dawned on me. I pulled up this picture and had to ask. Talked with him for about 20 min. Was a pleasure.
@jeffd90 @benderiter hahaha so good
@tommy_vukelic this guy is my hero