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06.06.2018 - 2 weeks ago
“I’d been smoking pot since ninth grade and it made me think differently. So I figured that psychedelics would be the next step. I’d just moved to California. I was hearing stories of people tripping in nature. At the minimum they were being inspired and at the maximum they were being enlightened. It seemed like there was something more out there and I just wanted to get a glimpse of it. Mushrooms definitely give you a feeling of having ‘made it through.’ It’s like you’ve been sheltered from reality your entire life, and you’re finally seeing it, and it’s going to stay that way. But I became obsessed with the chemical. I was making all these beautiful connections. And they seemed so real. But in the end I was still alone in my head. And I was becoming more isolated. Some people find a lot of value in them, but my journey with psychedelics ended at the hospital.”
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@emily_storck Yeah that would be wise! Give it 5-10 years, there will be professional therapy clinics for this
@eefenske oof
@gaingreene13 lmaooo 😭 yo no puedo contigo
@x.ksv eta gente be getting me tight smh
@gaingreene13 LMFAOOOOO omg 😭😂
@emily_storck its only a drug because people call it that. Its not tampered with and it creates more connections in the brain, thats why people become "enlightened" because there is a sense of unity when all the b.s fades away. The actual chemical in shrooms helps repair brain cells and is being intensely studied. The fact that there are drugs sold over the counter and prescribed by our doctors with serious side effects and thats overlooked, its just as toxic to the body. As an acupuncturist, many ancient healers used to use these drugs and many famous doctors like Dr. Sebi actually recommend it.
@brittanyspaulding no worries whatsoever. I remember you telling me a little about your experiences and was wanting to share this persons as I read all the comments. I only had one experience and all I can say it was crazy, good
@harlem_p123 beautiful
@pierremalychef ;-)