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03.06.2018 - 2 weeks ago
We are our own worst enemies more often than anyone else is. 👎 Rather than let our thoughts stop us, we must move through them. 👍 How often do you let your thoughts paralyze you? 💬 - #mentalparalysis #ownyourthoughts #movethroughit #dontletitstopyou #mentalgrowth #keeppushingforward #staymotivated #personalstrength
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24/7 😒😒😒
@zjanthony21 we both do this!
Wow! Such perfect timing as I’m sitting here wrestling with my thoughts..literally battling out the anxiety in my head!! Amazing. Thank you!!
I’ve known you for what... 8-9 years now?! We cooked together through easy, beautiful and sometimes difficult times. The thing about you George, you have this huge wonderful heart, a passion to lift-up and support others in their health and well being. Being a creative and support network for many... we sometimes neglect ourselves. Know your loved by this community and you have our support. Take that with you in your day, and allow the weight on your shoulders to dissipate. Xoxo
Psssst. I’m 5 lbs down already 😁
Everyday! Ugh!
Much too often. I’m working on this thought process, daily.
Exactly what I’m working through. Thank you for the nudge!❤️